At Lucienne Home Care, we recognize the diverse needs within healthcare, which is why we offer comprehensive support tailored to each situation. With a registered nurse available round the clock for emergencies and an attentive office staff during business hours, we ensure that assistance is always within reach. Our caregivers undergo a meticulous screening process, including national fingerprinting, reference checks, health certifications, and professional insurance, guaranteeing that they are the most secure, experienced, and well-trained professionals in the field.

Moreover, our clinicians are thoroughly vetted and skilled in their respective domains, with extensive background and reference checks conducted prior to hiring. Throughout their tenure, we continue to monitor their backgrounds regularly and provide unscheduled on-site supervision to uphold the highest standards of care. We foster a culture of continuous learning, encouraging and challenging our employees to pursue additional education beyond the requirements set by licensing boards. At Lucienne Home Care, we prioritize safety, expertise, and ongoing development to deliver unparalleled service to our clients.